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Public Game day and hours

              Tuesday                               7pm-10pm

              Thursday                             7pm-10pm

              Sunday                                10am-1pm

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Public Game day Rules

*Walk-in is welcome in Airsoft public game day.


*You could bring your own airsoft gun to Zone 67. but for safety reason we have to chronograph everyone's airsoft gun.

*For people new to Airsoft or don't have there own gear yet, We provide gear rental service. Including Airsoft gun ,ammo, vest and full face mask.

Public Game Day




Equipment Rental

(If you don't have)

Zone 67 yearly pass :

    *If you're a frequent Airsoft player, you could save money on a Zone 67 yearly pass. 

    *Zone 67 yearly pass just $150 ,allow unlimited entry time on public day in Zone 67.      

Click here to see #Public day hours#


$25 per person



$25 per person (Gun, Ammo, Mask, Vest)

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